Luxury offer for you

Today I have an offer of luxury homes for sale in marbella that you will really like, so if you are looking for one, do not hesitate to read on.

First house: House with sea view

House price: seventy thousand euros

Number of rooms in the house: two

House area: one hundred square meters

voda v bazénu

If you are looking for your dream luxury house, I think this one will be just for you. When we get closer to the house, we can see a luxury house with a beautiful large pool in front of the house and around a large amazing spacious garden, in which shrubs grow, such as raspberries, blackberries and ornamental plants.

The house is completely glazed and looks really luxurious. When we come to the first room, we can be the first to see an amazing terrace with wooden design chairs, so it is not a problem to have breakfast or coffee here. The first is the living room with two dark sofas with white pillows and a glazed view of the terrace. Decorative pictures hang on the walls and there is also a small smart TV in front of the sofa. Next is the bedroom decorated in beige with a relatively small bed in white and black curtains. The house also has a large bathroom with a spacious bath, toilet and kitchen in pastel colors. The house is located by the sea, so from the terrace we can see the surroundings of the sea, which is beautiful.

Second house: Mysterious house in a tiled dark design

Number of rooms in the house: three + kitchen and bathroom

House price: one hundred euros

House area: one hundred square meters

dívka v bazénu

This house is really special in that it has a dark tiled facade, but it is elegant at the same time. At the entrance to the first room we can see the living room, which is decorated in burgundy with a sofa and red cushions. There is also a wooden table (round), relatively larger, which has a burgundy color. There is also a bathroom, kitchen (modern), bedroom and one children\’s room, so the house is quite spacious. Of course, the house also has a bathroom with toilet.

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